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Welcome to the Engineering Psychology website.

Our team deals with the man-machine-interaction. The technical systems we are interested in are on the one hand professional technical systems like cockpits, control rooms and special computer software and on the other hand technology associated with everyday life: consumer electronics, websites and assistance systems for cars.

Engineering Psychology has a long tradition at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin.

The two major questions of man-machine-interaction we deal with in our courses and research projects are:
1. How can a machine's functions be adapted and designed to fit human needs?
2. How should the communication and cooperation between man and machines work?

Our program is designed for persons who wish to learn the theoretical knowledge and empirical methods in combination with practical applications. We provide our students with a thorough knowledge to start a career in research institutes, companies, as start ups or for beginning an academic career.

If you want to know more about Engineering Psychology/ Human Factors you can also get in touch with me or one of my colleagues. Have fun visiting our website!

Hartmut Wandke



Chair of Engineering Psychology