Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Department of Psychology

Staff galery

Research staff of the organizational and
social psychology lab

Secretary Professor
Research Assistants
Michaela Turß
Anne Mehle Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scholl Dr. Ulrich
Dipl. Psych.
Michaela Turss
Dipl. Psych. Carsten Schermuly
Project employees
Teaching assistant

Dipl. Psych. Kai Breitling Dipl. Psych. Hanna Janetzke Dipl. Psych. Alexandra Shajek Dr. habil. Anna Dorothea Schulze Dipl. Psych. Meike Hagenah Dipl. Psych. Nancy Börnsen
Dipl. Psych.
Tobias Schröder
Dipl. Psych. Susanne Hopf Dipl. Psych. Doreen Prasse Dipl. Psych. Pit Witzlack Dipl. Ing.,
Dipl. Kfm
Chaehan So
Student assistants
Juliane Kämmer Maria Pyatkova Claudia Walther