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Investigating social interaction transdiagnostically

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Investigating social interaction transdiagnostically in autism and social anxiety disorder: the role of neurobiological and immunological markers


Researcher: Simon Guendelman 

Cooperation Partner: Prof. Dr. Stefan Gold

Funding: NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence

Recent conceptualizations of mental disorders have shifted from separate categorical definitions to dimensional and shared pathophysiological mechanisms. In accordance, the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) framework has been proposed to advance the understanding of shared dimensions such as e.g. social processes, or arousal/regulatory systems at multiple levels of analyses accross mental health conditions with the promise of informing new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
This project investigates the social processes domain transdiagnostically focusing on autism spectrum disorder and social anxiety disorder using a multi-level RDoC approach, mapping social interaction dysfunction at behavioral, neuronal circuits, and immunological levels.