Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Department of Psychology

Research Domains

Since its establishment in the 80’s of the 19th century, the Department of Psychology stands in the tradition of an empirically operating natural science. Following this scientific orientation in content and methodology across both research and teaching, numerous laboratories within the department allow manifold combinations of behavioral observations and experiments, psychometric assessments, diary methods and ambulatory assessments, reaction time measurement, as well as the assessment of psychophysiological measures, in particular EEG, EMG, eye tracking and cardiovascular variables. The department encompasses three major research domains: (1) Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology, (2) Clinical Psychology, (3) Human Developmental Dynamics: Individuals, Groups, and Organizations, which are carried and shaped by a total of 21 professorships (including junior, special, and honorary professorships), 3 junior research groups and just under 70 departmental and third party funded research scientists. The overarching aim is to better understand human experience and behavior and the underlying biological and neuro-scientific mechanisms. Further aims are the gathering of insights for the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of diseases as well as study design geared to better understand healthy working and living conditions.


The various research groups of the Department are currently organized in three major research domains: