Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Biological Psychology and Psychophysiology

Psychological Laboratory



  • Exercises accompanying the lecture "Neuroscientific methods"
  • Study projects
  • Diploma theses
  • PhD Dissertations
  • Research by the chair and affiliated projects
  • Experiments by other chairs without psychophysiological equipment


    If you want to participate in an experiment,
contact us !

Room Equipment:

  • Two experimental rooms with sound absorbing, electrically shielded and air-conditioned cabins (Euroshield) for psychophysiological investigations
  • Training laboratory with 15 seats for lessons and exercises concerning psychophysiological measurement methodology
  • Office rooms
  • Bathroom with shower 


Hardware Equipment:

  • Six 32 channel EEG amplifiers cascadable (Brainamp)
  • Two Coulbourn Lablink SYSTEM V-units for peripheral physiological measurements
    (e.g. EMG, ECG, EDA) 
  • Sensors for isometric force registration
  • Zebris CMS20 for three-dimensional measurement of electrode positions
  • Photometric and phonometric measurement devices
  • diverse converters for stimulus presentation
  • Eyetracker iView X High-Speed 1250 System (SMI)
  • Eyetracker Glasses (SMI)
  • Eyetracker Eyetribe


Software Equipment:

  • Experimental control: Presentation (Neurobehavioral Systems), Psycholab, PsychoPy
  • EEG recording: BrainVision Recorder (Brainproducts)
  • EEG data analysis: BrainVision Analyzer (Brainproducts), EEGLab (SCCN)
  • Dipole source localisation: BESA (Megis)
  • diverse statistics and graphics programs (SPSS, Sigmaplot, SAS, Matlab, R etc.)