Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Institut für Psychologie

Information for Socrates/Erasmus Students

at the Department of Psychology at Humboldt-University

At the beginning of the semester:
  • Choose the courses which are of interest for you from the list of courses (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) offered by the department.
  • The number of study points (SP) for each course (usually 3 SPs per 2-hour course) is equivalent to the number of ECTS-points, except that Socrates students get 1 additional point per course because of the increased effort due to the foreign language. As a rule you should try to obtain 30 ECTS points per semester.
  • Contact the corresponding lecturers in person or by email and ask
  • (a) whether you may attend the course (we try to admit all Socrates students but there may be academic course prerequisites) and
    (b) how you can earn a graded certificate of achievement (Leistungsnachweis mit Note) during your period stay. In most cases the same procedures as for the regular students will hold for you as well; however, in some cases special arrangements may be necessary, for example, if your stay terminates before the exam.
  • If your home institution requires a learning agreement, the Socrates coordinator will sign it for you. The same holds true for any necessary changes in learning agreements.

After the semester:
Certification of ECTS points by the Socrates coordinator; to this end you need:
  • Graded certificates of achievement for all courses which should be certified.
  • Completed form (you have either received this form from your home institution or you can get it from the Socrates coordinator of the department)

Helpful contacts for questions concerning studying and living in Berlin:

Berlin, 25. 01. 2008

Prof. Werner Sommer
(Sokrates coordinator)