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Michael Goldberg, MA

Michael Goldberg MA
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Doctoral candidate since 10/2014 at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Institut für Psychologie, Cognitive Psychology Group



Working title of thesis:

The Neural Basis of the Intentional Binding Effect


Description of research project:

The ability to act upon things in the environment, control our external surroundings and learn new associations is highly dependent on causal relations. Surprisingly, in the specific case of voluntary actions, it seems that the temporal perceptions of the actions and their sensory consequences shift towards one another. This phenomenon is termed the intentional binding effect (IBE). I propose to combine behavioral and electrophysiological methods in order to uncover the neural basis of this phenomenon. By manipulating the relation of cause and effect a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms (prediction and retrospective inference) can be achieved. Analysis of the ERP components of each mechanism will allow exploring their relative contribution to the shift in time perception.


Supervisors:               Prof. Dr. Elke van der Meer

                                 Prof. Dr. Niko Busch

                                 Prof. Dr. Michael Pauen


Funding source:          Berlin School of Mind and Brain Scholarship





Master of Arts in Philosophy 

Thesis title: Perspectives on Duration – A New Reading of Bergson’s Theory of Time (Online version:
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Final seminar paper: Pre-Attentional Statistical Processing – Computing the Mode in Perceptual Fields
Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2005-2008 Bachelor of Arts in a double major program: Philosophy and General & Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
Magna Cum Laude
Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel