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The Discussion Coding System

The Discussion Coding System (DCS) [German: Instrument zur Kodierung von Diskussionen (IKD)] is a new and user-friendly instrument to code interaction processes in an economical manner. DCS allows one to observe and analyze larger samples of groups and communication situations (e.g., decision making conferences or other team meetings) in a chronological act-by-act order. With DCS, two distinct communication levels are coded simultaneously: the functional and the interpersonal meaning of an act. To facilitate the coding process, a special coding software has been developed. DCS was conceptualized and tested at Humboldt University (Schermuly & Scholl, 2010). At present, we are examining the consequences of different leadership styles on interaction processes of groups by means of the DCS. In collaboration with the University of Zurich and the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, our research interests lie in diversity and stereotype threat in groups as well as in interaction processes in dictatorship games.


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