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Co-Speakers: Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf, Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

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Project Title

Thesis Advisors

Dipl.-Psych. Anja Cengia

Subclinical psychopathy in old age

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ziegler

Dr. John Rauthmann

Prof. Dr. Lena Lämmle

Dipl.-Psych. Maxi Freudenberg

The influence of age-related stereotypes on emotion perception in young and old faces

Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

Prof. Dr. Manuel Völkle

Johanna Grosse Rüschkamp, M.Sc.

(Up-) Regulation of positive emotions: Individual differences at multiple levels of analysis

Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf

Dr. Annette Brose

Prof. Dr. Arno Villringer

Dipl.-Psych. Heidi Mauersberger

The Dynamics of Workplace Conflicts – Consequences of Task and Relationship Conflicts on Performance Among Younger and Older Employees

Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

Prof. Dr. Annekatrin Hoppe

Dipl.-Psych. Sandra Paul

Electrophysiological Correlates of Age-related Changes in Emotion Regulation

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kathmann

Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

Prof. Dr. Ute Kunzmann

Tiina Salminen, M.Sc.

Cognitive and neuronal effects and mechanisms of working memory training

Prof. Dr. Torsten Schubert

Dr. Simone Kühn

Hannah Schade, M.Sc.

Circadian Rhythm of Emotional Contagion between Spouses

Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf

Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Herzel

Prof. Dr. Christiane Hoppmann

Matthias Volz, M.Sc.

The pathogenesis of post-stroke depression

Prof. Dr. Katja Werheid

Prof. Dr. Manuel Völkle

Dipl.-Psych. Maria Wassermann

The impact of personal and social resources on professional success and mental health of Spanish professionals in Germany

Prof. Dr. Annekatrin Hoppe

Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke

Prof. Dr. Carmen Carmona Rodríguez