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Tobias Söldner

Tobias Söldner
Tobias.Soeldner (at)

Curriculum vitae

From 04/2009: Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) and Ph.D. student at the Department of Psychology, Humboldt University Berlin. Research subject: "Personality, social support and acculturation".
2005-2008: Advanced studies of psychology at Humboldt University Berlin, elective courses in sociology and Japanese Studies.
2003-2004: Studies of Comparative Culture (?????) and psychology at Sophia University Tokyo / Japan (????).
2001-2003: Introductory studies of psychology at University Trier, Germany.
25.04.1979: Born in Munich, Germany.



Research Interests

Personality development in overseas sojourners (acculturation) and returnees (reacculturation). Methods of cross-cultural research and online research.

Current research projects

Multinational study S.E.A. (Sojourner and Expatriate Adjustment) on the antecedents and consequences of successful acculturation in distinctly different cultural environments; pilot phase 2009 with an explicit focus on "western" (Germany) vs "eastern" (Japan) cultures. Link: S.E.A.

Private interests

Philosophy and literature (especially discourses and books on the cultural relativity of ethics and perception), computer-related modding, and last but definitely not least my ever-supportive beloved wife.