Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Department of Psychology

Research groups


Ball gold Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy, N.N.

Ball gold Clinical Psychology of Social Interaction, Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek-Ferber

Ball gold Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging and Memory, Prof. Dr. Roberto Cabeza

Ball gold Developmental and Educational Psychology, Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf

Ball gold Engineering Psychology, Prof. Dr. Jens Nachtwei

Ball gold Experimental Psychology: Active Perception and Cognition, Prof. Dr. Martin Rolfs

Ball gold Molecular Psychology, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Markett

Ball gold Neurocognitive Psychology, Prof. Dr. Rasha Abdel Rahman

Ball gold Occupational Health Psychology, Prof. Dr. Annekatrin Hoppe

Ball gold Personality Psychology, Prof. Dr. Jule Specht

Ball gold Psychological Diagnostics, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ziegler

Ball gold Psychological Research Methods, Prof. Dr. Manuel Völkle

Ball gold Psychotherapy, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lüken

Ball gold Senior Research Group: Obsessive-compulsive disorders, Prof. Dr. Norbert Kathmann

Ball gold Social and Organizational Psychology, Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

Ball gold Social Intelligence, Prof. Dr. Marcel Brass

Ball gold Emmy Noether Junior Research Groups



Ball gold Honorary Professorships:

Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer

Prof. Dr. Ulman Lindenberger

Prof. Dr. Ralph Hertwig

Prof. Dr. Fritz Strack

Prof. Dr. Ray Dolan