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Archive of previous classes


Type of class Title Speaker Date
Guest Lecture A Human Sociogenomics Perspective on Personality Development Prof. Brent Roberts 16.10.2014
Workshop Event Sampling Methodologies: Operational and analytic considerations

Prof. Konstantinos Kafetsios

Colloquium Scientific writing in the Life Sciences Prof. Ursula Hess 27.10.2015
Colloquium Publishing in the Life Sciences Prof. Ursula Hess 03.11.2015
Workshop Introduction to R (Statistics) I Kai Horstmann 28.10.2015
Workshop Introduction to R (Statistics) II Kai Horstmann 09.12.2015
Guest Lecture & Workshop Brain Imaging in Older Adults Prof. Dr. Håkan Fischer 30.11.2015
Lecture Series Personality and cognitive decline Prof. Matthias Ziegler 07.01.2016
Workshop Bio Signal Analysis with Matlab and EEGLab – automatizing and customizing signal processing Romy Frömer 11.01. - 12.01.2016
Lecture Series Age diversity and employee well-being Prof. Annekatrin Hoppe 21.01.2016
Lecture Series Depressive disorders in older age Prof. Katja Werheid 28.01.2016
Lecture Series Facecognition: Individual differences, Aging, Sex differences, Neural Underpinnings Prof. Werner Sommer 04.02.2016
Lecture Series Continuous Time Models Prof. Manuel Voelkle 11.02.2016

Agency and Regulation in Life - Span

Prof. Dr. Jutta Heckhausen 29.04.2016

Item Response Modeling: A Latent Variable Modeling Perspective

Dr. Tenko Raykov 13.06.2016
Guest Lecture

Two Dimensions of Positive Personality Development: Adjustment and Growth

Prof. Dr. Ursula Staudinger 16.06.2016