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Engineering Psychology




Welcome to the Chair of Engineering Psychology!

Our institute has a long tradition in engineering psychology, which is currently continued by Jens Nachtwei as guest professor.




Engineering psychology studies the experience and behaviour of people when dealing with technical systems. Since technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives and our working world, questions in engineering psychology can be found almost everywhere (e.g. transport, software in everyday working life, social media, online shopping, online gaming, the health sector, etc.).




Technology is both a blessing and a curse: it can make life safer, easier and more fun, but also more dangerous, complicated and monotonous. Engineering psychology, together with other disciplines, contributes to making technical systems more human-friendly.




Prof. Dr. Jens Nachtwei represents the teaching and research of the Chair of Engineering Psychology from October 2022 to September 2025.

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Lectures and seminars in engineering psychology are offered at the institute in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. In addition to classical topics such as usability and human-machine function allocation, newer topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), social media and online gaming are addressed.

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The central research project deepR (Digital Era Evidence-based Psychological Research) deals with the attitudes and expectations of employees regarding AI-related automation.

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In addition to teaching and research, communication with practice and society is especially important in an application-oriented field (third mission of universities). This communication takes place via the platforms ResearchGate and LinkedIn.