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Join us

If you are interested in contributing to our research, be it as a participant in our studies, or as a student at any level of your career (BA, MA, PhD, or postdoc), here’s how.


Participation in studies

If you would like to contribute to our research as a participant in our studies, please contact the following email address:


Bachelor and Master’s theses

We always have projects suited for Bachelor and Master’s theses. Please get in touch with us, if you would like to inquire about current opportunities.


Research internships

We are happy to consider applications for internships (at the BA or MA level) twice a year. If you are interested in doing a research internship, please apply by the

15th of February for the summer term (April to September) /
15th of August for the winter term (October to March).

Your application should be sent to us as an informal inquiry, but should contain your CV and a statement of interest, in which you explain why and for how long you would like to join our lab and what you hope to learn during your time with us. Internships can be between 3 and 6 months long, but exceptions (in either direction) have been made.


PhD positions

We are part of the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence, the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, and the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin.

Each of these programs offers opportunities for funded PhD positions. Application deadlines can be found on the corresponding websites, but are all focussed around the end/beginning of each year. If you do want to apply for one of these programs with the goal to join our lab, please get in touch with Martin Rolfs beforehand.


Postdoc opportunities

If you would like to pursue a postdoc in our group, please contact Martin Rolfs directly. We may have an opening or consider options to acquire funding if we have a strong research idea that we share interest in.

In addition to the above options, regularly check our news to see if there are any current openings for PhD or Postdoc positions in our group.