Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Department of Psychology

„Forschungsvertiefung“ of social and organisational psychology

- interaction and communication -

The title of the actual „Forschungsvertiefung“ is „interaction and communication”. In the scope of this lecture we offer a wide-ranging spectrum of social psychological topics, but also some applications of social psychology to organisational psychological questions and relevant organisational research issues – according to the topic of the lesson.

The „FV“ includes in all 8 hours per week per semester (SWS). 2 hours are covered by the lecture „interaction and communication”. The remaining 6 SWS can be distributed on 3 seminars according to the individual preferences and offer. To receive a “Leistungsnachweis” you have to show three achievements in your freely chosen seminars (presentation or seminar papers). You finish the „FV“ with an oral exam that refers to the contents of the lecture and the three chosen seminars.

The script for the lecture is avaiable on the homepage of the lecture „interaction and communication” and at Polyprint (Newton street). You can start every semester with our “FV” because all subjects are independent modules.