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Adaptive Learning environment for older Adults using Interactive Systems


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Doreen Struve
Michael Sengpiel

Project overview

The ALISA-project investigates measures in training and design to support older people using interactive systems. Older people act according to their perceived age role and face particular problems when introduced to new technical systems. However, once they have overcome an initial threshold, they can use these systems about as well as young people.
To help them overcome that initial theshold it should be kept as low as possible, which is where our project commences: ALISA investigates ways to lower that threshold on the basis of the theory of Selection, Optimization, and Compensation (SOC, Baltes & Baltes, 1989) from cognitive ageing research and the social learning theory of Albert Bandura.
A simulated ticket vending machine (TVM) will be used as object of investigation. TVMs are readily accessible, can be easily simulated and are well investigated.
Our experiments include older and younger participants to differentiate cohort specific effects from age specific effects in measures of training and user interface design (transgenerational design).

project duration: 01.12.05 – 30.11.09
ALISA project plan

Project status

15.02.2008 We welcome 2 new students wishing to write their Master's thesis with our project: Laura Felten and Marko Peuker. Also, there will be the great Graduation Ceremony today in the "Audimax" - CONGRATULATIONS!