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Prof. Dr. Ursula Hess

Klocke, U., & Dannenberg, E. (subm., Sept. 26-30, 2010). Männer müssen hart sein: Einfluss von Black Sheep-Effekt und Geschlechtsstereotypen auf die Bewertung von Männern und Frauen [Men have to be strong: The influence of the black-sheep effect and gender stereotypes on the evaluation of men and women]. Paper presented at the 47th Congress of the German Psychological Association (DGPs), Bremen.

Klocke, U. (2009, June 13th). The inconsistency of the preference for consistency: Different facets have different effects on processing and behavior. Paper presented at the EASP Small Group Meeting on Cognitive Consistency, Kloster Bronnbach, Germany.

Klocke, U. (2009, May 16th). Group decision making is impaired by opinion exchange when members like each other. Paper presented at the 14th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Santiago de Compostela, Spain